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More than just detecting water leaks.

With a scalable sensor network and an intelligent response system, LIKK h2o is your reliable/affordable/non-Intrusive answer to keeping your building dry, safe and green.
     Our Technology    


LIKK h2o is a wireless network of smart water sensors placed in high-risk locations that communicates its status with central monitoring units for intelligent leak detection, reliable coverage and timely alerts.

False Alarm Deterrent

When a leak is detected, our sensors will go through multiple cycles of testing over just a few seconds to determine its veracity. This reduces the chances of a false alarm.

Data and Analytics

As our sensors provide data over time, you'll have access to a dashboard and reports, laying out the most critical areas prone to leaks, the time of day they occur and response time. Our dashboard will help you make adjustments and future maintenance plans.


Our solution provides a reliable and simple way to manage the network of sensors in your property, and to intelligently escalate all events. 

We had built the complexity and technology into making it simple and easy to use. 

Customized Solutions

Each building, high-rise, office, and rental community is different. LIKK works closely with the association and property management to create a solution that's suited exactly the property operational procedure and resources

Multi-point Sensoring

Our technology was conceptualize to monitor as many areas where water can enter the property, our sensors are design to operate as extensions of a central Unit that acts as the "brain". We will assess your space to make sure sensors and central units are placed in all the critical locations.


Our infrastructure-based solution is designed specifically to address scaling across multiple units and stories in residential and commercial applications. Our system is designed for minimal intrusion and customized for each building’s unique requirements.

Proprietary Technology Stack

Easy Integration and APP.
Technology can be fussy, but we have designed our system to seamlessly integrate with the property manager and owner's phone. TXT, SMS, Email and a data dashboard are all accessible by multiple stake holders.

Alerts and Escalation

We understand that different people should be notified for different levels of emergency. Our system can be completely customized to notify the right person at the right time, while copying multiple stakeholders at different escalation points.

Reduce your risk of:

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Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 12.43.09
Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 12.42.55
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