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Leverage technology to mitigate risk and water leak damage in buildings, making them safer, greener and more resilient.
Who we are

We are a technology company that develops smart IoT and data-enabled safety solutions that monitor, alert and respond to water leaks.


At the intersection of PROPTECH and INSURTECH we provide value to multiple stakeholders. 


As a PropTech company, we empower property and facility managers, high-rise condo owners and developers to protect their properties and assets. Our technology ensures greater safety for their occupants and the ability to respond to water leaks rapidly in order to avoid structural or content damages; and save water waste due to unattended leaks.

As an InsureTech company, we provide a water damage and vertical risk mitigation service for carriers and brokers to deploy to policy holders that are being victimized by leaks and water damages. Our Technology ensures to reduce water related claims, provide early alerts for fast response, deter fraud, and big data analytics to better asses the vulnerability of properties to water damage.


LIKK Technology Team:

Ronald Kritzler

Co-Founder/ CEO

Entrepreneur at heart, with over 22 years of product development, management and marketing experience in technology related platforms and services. Ronald is responsible for the strategic direction, organizational structure and business partnerships for LIKK-technologies and its business roadmap. Ronald got his Masters in Telecomm from CU Boulder in 1999.


Alberto Himmelstern


Alberto is a seasonable executive and industrial services professional, with a background in engineering and business administration, with over 30 years of expertise in information services and business growth and development.  Alberto is responsible for all sales and revenue strategies and goals.


Nicolas Kritzler


The man responsible for sparking the creation of LIKK Technologies, a visionary with more than 35 years in the satellite, telecomm and technology industry is acting director of LIKK technologies. Nicolas brings his expertise in operations and international partnerships. Nicolas had been responsible for partnering with companies like Motorola, Compuserve, MCI Worldcom and ATT.


federico belloni

Director of Software Development

Federico brings over 20 years of expertise in design, development and coding. Our dedicated genie/genius can translate any idea into a fully working software application singlehandedly. A visionary of software integration and flexibility, he is responsible to make sure LIKK-Technologies lives up to its name, and reputation.


Juan Carlos Vicente

Director of Field Operations

Juan Carlos is our IT and field expert, with extensive knowledge of technologies, software and logistics, JC is the guy responsible to make sure that everything that happens on the field with our clients are a reflection of the excellent level of technology and customer service we thrive for.


Mildred Giovanna palacios

Project Manager

Giovanna brings eighteen years experience in improving profitability and market growth for first-class service telecommunication industries. Last six years directing an community management business.
Focuses on building, coaching and mentoring integrated teams with implementation of organizational processes, best practices, performance measurement systems, product development and customer management strategies.

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