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Apartment Building

Mitigating water leak risk and losses in buildings


  • No Upfront equipment cost
  • No added workload
  • No internet required
  • Custom alert escalation
  • Reliable risk mitigation solution
  • Over 95% of leaks alerted
  • Reduce 98% of related insurance claims
  • Proprietary technology stack


What they say about LIKK


"LIKK solution is the perfect mix of reliability, simplicity and efficiency. They provide the right information at the right time so we can fix the problem, no added workload or extra dashboards and apps to open or follow. Right to the point with the critical and valuable information to mitigate the damages.  Well designed and understands all the operations and limitations of the building."                                                                    Maintenance Engineer @210-unit Condo HighRise.


"Simple, LIKK has saved this building thousands if not millions of dollars in damages and liability issues. Now a leak is something that we can respond to an avoid major damages, and not feel threatened about it or lose sleep not knowing where the next one will come from."                                                            Board Member of a 310-condo building Association 

"Our building history is divided by Pre-LIKK and Post-LIKK, the insurance claims, the tension and frustration from the tenants are now horror stories from the past. We had been able to offset the cost of LIKK with the discount negotiated with the insurance company after our first year of being with LIKK and having no claims that year"

                                                                                                                          Property Manager @ 100K sqft Class A office building.


"LIKK has improved our building to the next level of not only limiting water leak damages but also a sense of security knowing that we have something reliable watching for those possible leaks..."  Chief Engineer, 360-unit luxury high-rise.

LIKK h2o, our water leakage detection system.

likk sensors.jpg
Screen Shot 2021-02-02 at 3.44.24 PM.png

LIKK is not only improving safety for building occupants, but also rescuing millions of gallons of water for the environment, saving millions of dollars on costly claims for insurance providers, and avoiding thousands of repair hours and headaches for property and facilities managers.

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